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"There is great power when people work together to achieve a common goal"

Global DWC


As an Information Technology, Telecommunications and Commodities powerhouse, we are the medium through which the power of IT, Telecommunications and Commodities flows to the world.


Being at the heart of the manufacturing supply chain means we are in a unique position to provide a broad range of Products, Finance, Logistics, Channel management and Value-Added services that connect technology makers with technology consumers.

Headquartered out of Dubai (U.A.E), we are a global enterprise with a manufacturing, distribution and partnership reach across the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia and Europe.

Global DWC, manufactures semiconductor chipsets and works with major IT and Telecommunication partners like Samsung, Infineon, Valid, Thales, Ingenico, Vodafone, Reliance and the MTN Group.


Key Milestones


Smart Cards delivered to our customers


Computing devices delivered to our customers

Our ever expanding product portfolio consists of Semiconductors, Telecommunication, Mobility, Computing and Point of Sales (POS) solutions.

As the market shifts to pioneering technologies, we are the partner of choice for customers looking to deploy mobility products and solutions into the market (SIM, Banking, ID, E-Sim, POS, Smart-message, M2M solutions).

Some of our Partners and Customers
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